Vaavud turns your iPhone into a windmeter

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Cool gadget!
coolest gadgets
Image by hyper7pro
Amazingly cool little gadget! Very addictive too! It makes you hurt, but you go back for more! :o)

Vaavud turns your iPhone into a windmeter

coolest gadgets
When I want to know the weather, I'll generally peek out a window, or step outside. If I'm feeling particularly lazy, I might pull out my phone and open up a weather app. These might not be the most absolutely precise methods for getting proper weather …

Pi. 3.14, 22/7, or 3.1415926
coolest gadgets
Image by karola riegler photography
Pi. 3.14, 22/7, or 3.1415926

if u like it, you can get it here:

Smart PJs – Pajamas that Tell a Story

coolest gadgets
Kids grow up so fast. I've been astounded lately at just how quickly my little girl has become too grown up for all kinds of kid-stuff. We can't watch Dora anymore, or Little Bear, she's moved on, and even enjoys a little non-fiction entertainment now …

almost mistook it for a giant shoe but it’s much cooler
coolest gadgets
Image by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓
such striking design

i don’t know what to call it aside from some gadget machine awesomeness by Nadir Taov

Posted by Second Life Resident Torley Linden. Visit Shipyard.

iRobot launches the Braava floor mopping robot

coolest gadgets
braava-irobot I guess you can say that technology has certainly made our lives a whole lot easier over the years. Imagine if you had to iron your clothes the old fashioned way, it would have taken you a whole lot longer to go through a pile of shirts …

Cool Gadgets
coolest gadgets
Image by catchesthelight
This display was almost too much for me with my love of streamline moderne design … I felt like I was in heaven :>)

Animated Musical Santa's Workshop brings home the Yuletide feeling

coolest gadgets
santas-workshop I know that Christmas is still a few months away, and before that there is Halloween for the masses to celebrate, but how about following the Boy Scouts' motto, “Be Prepared”? After all, you can never prepare too early for a particular …

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