You can get a free Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad when you buy one

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Samsung today kicked off a nice deal that’ll help you greatly expand your collection of wireless chargers.

If you buy one Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad from Samsung’s store between today and March 19, Samsung will give you another Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad for free. Pricing is set at $69.99, so you’re basically getting two Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pads for $35 apiece.

The Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad is available in black and white color options. The Fast Charge part of this pad is compatible with the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note 5, and S6 edge+, and it’ll charge those devices 1.4 times faster than standard wireless charging. The Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with other Qi-enabled devices, but they’ll charge at regular wireless charging speeds.

If you’ve got a Galaxy phone that’s compatible with the Fast Charge part of this wireless charging pad, this is a pretty nice deal, getting you two pads for the price of one. This means you can place one next to you bed and another somewhere else, like in your kitchen or office. It’s not a bad deal even if you don’t have a Fast Charge-compatible phone, though, as you’re getting two solid wireless charging pads that’ll be ready for any future Fast  Charge-compatible phones you might get later on.

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