You Are Not in Ted Cruz's Target Audience

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You Are Not in Ted Cruz's Target Audience

Target the audience
As anyone who follows politics is well-aware, this past week has been a big one for Texas Senator Ted Cruz. His pseudo-filibuster against funding of the Affordable Care Act has placed him in the center of national political discussion and Cruz has …

Senate backs cloture over Cruz's objections

Target the audience
Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi originally voted no, but then switched his vote to yes. On Thursday, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee accused Cruz and Lee of delaying the vote until Friday because they had sent out press releases and wanted an audience.

Targeting Bilingual & Spanish-Speaking Audiences in AdWords: The Why & How

Target the audience
While all US-based advertisers should consider this audience, it is particularly critical to those targeting a younger audience (the median age across Hispanic communities in the US is 27.6) or regions with particularly large Latino communities. Ok, so …

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