How to download Redhat Linux Enterprise Desktop free?

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How to download Redhat Linux Enterprise Desktop free?

Please tell me how to and from where to download Redhat Linux Enterprise Desktop for free. As it is an open source software, the source code has to be available. I heard they are giving the rpm packages of the source. If yes, how do I download it and how do I compile it? What’s the difference if I purchase Redhat or compile it from source? Help PLzzz.

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Answer by inclusive_disjunction
Yes, the source code is available, but that doesn’t mean they have to give the actual desktop away. CentOS is compiled from RHEL sources.

The difference between them is that if you purchase it, you get support from Red Hat, and you don’t if you compile it yourself or use another distro recompiled from the source. If you don’t mind not having support, then use CentOS.

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