Does the iPhone work internationally if i get it unlocked?

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Does the iPhone work internationally if i get it unlocked?

I want to get the iPhone, but i don’t know how long i will be overseas. So i was wondering if the iPhone works just like the Blackberry i know that one is internationally used. Please help me to clear this up. Thanks so much!

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Answer by evilattorney
The iPhone will work internationally with AT&T service without being unlocked. It will also cost a fortune. An unlocked iPhone will allow you to use other carriers’ sim cards. However, factory unlocked iPhones are only available online in the US and that’s only rarely. The vast majority of unlocked iPhones sold on sites like eBay have been hacked and the unlock is not permanent and they are ridiculously easy to re-lock. Right now, if you re-lock, there’s no way to unlock it again.

Factory unlocked iPhones are available in certain foreign countries. They are expensive but if you travel frequently, they are your best choice.

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