Google’s Pixel Tablet Will Turn Into a Smart Display

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Google Pixel Tablet with dock

Google officially released the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch earlier today, and the company also revealed more details about the upcoming Pixel Tablet, including its ability to turn into a smart display.

The Pixel Tablet was first shown off back in May, but we only had a quick glance and a vague release of sometime in 2023. Google still doesn’t have a more specific timeline for the tablet’s arrival, but the company did talk about the tablet a bit more. It has a smooth rounded design that fits in with the Pixel phones, complete with a “nano-ceramic finish.” There’s one camera on the front, and one camera on the back, but Google wasn’t ready to talk details about those quite yet. The tablet will use the same Tensor G2 chip as the Pixel 7 series.

Pixel Tablet with dock

Besides functioning as a typical Android tablet, Google confirmed the Pixel Tablet will have an optional charging speaker dock. When the tablet is connected to the dock, with the aid of strong magnets, it becomes more like a Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max. You can talk to Google Assistant without tapping the screen (that also works without the dock), control smart home devices, or just have a better viewing angle for YouTube videos while you’re working on other tasks. The dock is intended as a resting place for the tablet when you’re not actively using it.

Google Pixel Tablet in hands

Notably, this is far from the first tablet that can perform double duty as a smart display. Amazon sells a charging dock for the Fire HD 8 Plus, which activates a special Alexa mode on the tablet when connected. Lenovo has also sold a few tablets in the past with a dock, including one with a larger speaker, like Google’s implementation. It’s not clear if the dock will ship with the Pixel Tablet, or if it will be an add-on accessory sold separately.

The Pixel Tablet isn’t available for pre-order yet.

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