Review: Samsung Alpha Big on Design, Short on Tech

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Review: Samsung Alpha Big on Design, Short on Tech

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But even Samsung is stepping back from its recent practice of releasing ever-bigger phones. The new Galaxy Alpha matches the 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6 and has a metal frame like the new iPhones, reflecting Samsung's attempt to mirror Apple's emphasis …

New Samsung Ad Capitalizes On Apple's iPhone 6 Plus Bending Problem

Samsung phone
We're left to deduce that the bending phone is the iPhone 6 Plus while the erect phone is Samsung's Galaxy Note 3. It bears mentioning that Samsung's phone has already passed the same bending test that the iPhone 6 Plus has failed. The bending iPhone 6 …

Samsung's best-looking phone ever is coming to AT&T this Friday

Samsung phone
But the story here is really the handset's design, which stands apart from previous Samsung phones thanks to its metal frame and slim, light build. The Galaxy Alpha and upcoming Galaxy Note 4 represent a new, improved direction for the company's …

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