Samsung Galaxy Mega Review: A Big Phone, a Small Tablet, a Bad Buy

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290 of 365 – phone me
Samsung phone
Image by paul+photos=moody
I dropped my cellphone 2 weeks ago and it died on the spot. I got a new one – with a 2mp camera phone – and with a 2gig microSD, I can take 4800 crappy pictures : ))))

Samsung Galaxy Mega Review: A Big Phone, a Small Tablet, a Bad Buy

Samsung phone
The Samsung Galaxy Mega bills itself as a smartphone, despite its 6.3-inch screen. That puts it closer in size—by a good margin—to a Nexus 7 tablet than Samsung's Galaxy S4 (which itself has a pretty damn big 5-inch screen). Is it a phone? You could …

product samsung phone
Samsung phone
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Samsung Smartwatch Leak Suggests It'll Be a Dashboard for Your Phone

Samsung phone
The frequently reliable Ev_Leaks Twitter account just posted a pair of screenshots that give us a peek at the setup app for Samsung Galaxy Gear, which Samsung is set to announce on September 4th. If these Gear Manager shots are real, the smartwatch …

samsung wifi phone
Samsung phone
Image by Matt Westervelt
samsung/tmobile unreleased phone. talk on wifi or gsm, seamless switching.

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