Samsung to reintroduce flat displays to flagships with the Galaxy S10

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Samsung is preparing the next generation of OLED displays dubbed M9, which will be used in the Galaxy S10. Buried at the bottom of a report of changes in chemical suppliers are details on the screens of the three variants.

Samsung will reintroduce a flat screen option with the base 5.8” model. There will be a curved 5.8” option as well (the middle phone). The top-specced version will come with a curved 6.2” display.

It’s been a while: Samsung Galaxy S7 (flat) • Galaxy S7 edge (curved)

As for the material suppliers, Samsung is working with new companies for the organic chemicals for the Red, Green and Blue sub pixels. These will be used for the M9 generation and replace the M8 chemicals used in the Galaxy S9 and Note9.

Another interesting takeaway from this report is that chemicals used for the latest Apple displays go under the LT2 designation. This could account for the differences between Samsung-made AMOLEDs used in Galaxys and iPhones.

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