Tamagotchis are coming to your phone, so you can slowly kill them all over again

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The current trend of harking back to nostalgia from not-really-that-long-ago, and then updating it, has a new face. We’ve had the new Nokia 3210, Bluetooth Vinyl record players, and now we’re getting Tamagotchis on our phones.

That’s right, you’ll no longer have to carry around a little coloured egg keyring on your keys and surreptitiously check on your little pal through double science, because they’ll live in your phone now, and you’re not at school any more.

Japanese game developer Bandai Namco this week released My Tamagotchi Forever for mobile, and it’s free! You can of course access perks for your not-so-pixelated critter by watching extra ads on the app, which might help you keep it alive if you have a meeting for anything over two hours.

There is still a surprising amount of toilet duties involved with the new game, for anyone worried. Cleaning it up, taking it to the toilet and tapping it’s belly (which apparently alleviates the situation) and of course if you don’t, death is imminent.

The new aesthetic is a bit more Teletubbies and a bit less Snake, but you can’t have it all. The game also encourages you to pay actual cash to keep your pet alive through various privileges using the in-game currency, so look forward to wasting your money on that once you get attached to your new pal.

Time to clear your diary, cancel any flights you might have booked, and make sure you’ve got your phone on you at all times, there’s a lot of poop clearing to be done.

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