Why Is It Called the Samsung “Galaxy”?

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Samsung Galaxy wordmark.
Samsung Galaxy devices are named after a Terlato Wines wine that high-level Samsung executives often drank. The wine itself is named Galaxy and is a California red blend of merlot, syrah, and cabernet sauvignon. The name had a “premium ring” to Samsung executives according to Ed Ho, a former senior vice president at Samsung.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the name “Samsung Galaxy.” After all, it’s the second most popular phone brand in the world. Where did the “Galaxy” part of the name come from, anyway?

We’ve talked about how Samsung got the name “Samsung” and what the “S” in “Galaxy S” stands for, but what about the company’s biggest brand name? The story behind “Galaxy” is probably not what you’d expect.

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The Origins of the Samsung Galaxy

As you may have guessed, the very first device with the “Galaxy” brand was simply named “Samsung Galaxy.” It was an Android smartphone launched in 2009, and it would be followed by the first phone in the “Galaxy S” series the following year.

With a name like “Galaxy,” you wouldn’t be alone in thinking Samsung chose it because it sounds cool and futuristic. Or perhaps it’s based on the name “Samsung” itself, which means “three stars.” While both of those things may have played a part in the decision process, it’s not where the inspiration came from.

According to Geoffrey Cain, author of Samsung Rising, the “Galaxy” name actually came from a Terlato Wines bottle of all places. The story is from former senior vice president, Ed Ho, who said the executives liked the name for its “premium ring.” (The wine is a California red blend of merlot, syrah, and cabernet sauvignon.)

Raise Your Glass

Terlato Galaxy Red
Woods Wholesale Wine

That’s the story behind the name, but you may have a second question now—can you still buy the Galaxy wine? As of October 2022, it does not appear to be available anymore. However, if it does, you’ll be looking at $95 per bottle. Cheers.

There you have it. Not every brand name has an elaborate or meaningful history behind it. Sometimes you just see a word on a wine bottle that sounds impressive. In fact, that’s probably the origin for a lot of brand names, and sometimes the cool-sounding word is completely made up.

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