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Screenshots are part of our daily routine as tech support professionals. There is no better way to explain to someone how to do something from a distance than through a mixture of both words and visuals, and since we cannot always make a video, screenshots are the next best thing. However, there are times when individually capturing and saving multiple screenshots grows tedious.

During those times when you need to capture and save many screenshots in a row, it is helpful to have an application that automates the process. AutoScreenCap is a small, portable application that can take screenshots and automatically save them as JPEGs.


From AutoScreenCap’s page on SourceForge, click the green Download button and save the file to your computer.


Once downloaded, extract the zip file. Within the zip file, double-click the AutoScreenCapapplication icon. This will start the program with no installation required.


AutoScreenCap’s window will open. First, set the interval at which you want the program to take screenshots. The numbers represent seconds. So, if you wanted it to take a screenshot every 2 minutes, you would set the Timer Options to 120.


Next, choose the folder on your computer where you want AutoScreenCap to save your screenshots. Click the folder icon to choose.


Under Screenshot Output, choose the quality you of the JPEGs for your screenshots. In our test, 75% produced a relatively clear screenshot.


At the top of the screen, click Start Capture.


If you minimize the AutoScreenCap window, you will be able to reopen the app by clicking the up arrow next to your clock and right-clicking AutoScreenCap’s icon. From there, you can click Stop Capture.


AutoScreenCap is a good way to take screenshots without having to open a graphics editor and save screenshots as JPEGs constantly. The download is very small, and runs wonderfully from a USB drive. The screenshots are clear, and appear by magic in the designated folder every few seconds. If you take a great deal of screenshots, you are certain to find a use for this software.

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