5G network reaches 3.6Gbps data transfer speed during field testing

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  • 7 years ago

Huawei has partnered with Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo to field test 5G connectivity and give us an idea about the kind of data speeds we’ll be accessing a few years from now.

The latest trials in Japan hit a whopping peak data transfer speed of 3.6Gbps, significantly higher than 4G’s maximum speed of around 20Mbps.


“As the first in the world to succeed with such a large multi-user environment test, this is an important milestone,” said NTT DoCoMo’s Takehiro Nakamura.

“This is very encouraging as the industry works to commercialise 5G by 2020… I look forward to even more impressive results when we move to the next phase of [the] field trial in Japan.”

The Japanese tests were the first to mimic real-world conditions, simulating what it will be like when a large number of users connect to a 5G network at once.

Further trials will take place at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and 5G is expected to be ready for public consumption within five years.

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