Apple attempts to trademark the word 'startup'

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Apple attempts to trademark the word 'startup'

Apple is attempting to trademark the word "startup", lodging its application for the term on Tuesday. TMWatch first spotted the application, noting that it was lodged by Apple's Californian headquarters and Sydney-based Baker & McKenzie law firm …

Word of the day / Yotze dofen: Most exceptional

Word of the day / Yotze dofen: Most exceptional. Yotze dofen is an exceptional word, in that it is two words, thanks to which we'll make an exception and give you two two-word words of the day. By David Sarna Galdi | Aug. 28, 2013 | 8:15 AM …

The new face of word-of-mouth marketing

But word-of-mouth marketing isn't new. During World War II, there was a drive in the U.S. to encourage more people to eat animal organs, saving the best cuts for the military. Psychologist Kurt Lewin discovered that women — the gatekeepers of the …

Tom Coburn Self-Corrects for Using the 'I' Word

Has the world gone mad? The question came to mind upon reading that one of the more staid — and conservative — Republicans, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, deliverer of 4,000 babies, decrier of waste and joiner of multiple bipartisan gangs, had said …

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