Apple TV getting ready for prime time

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Apple TV getting ready for prime time

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In its latest earnings call on Wednesday, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, revealed that to date, 20 million Apple TVs have been sold and that it is becoming a key source of revenue, so much so that the company is no longer calling it a hobby. … The new …

Airlines develop smartwatch boarding passes

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… pass to their Pebble or Pebble Steel smartwatch from the carrier's iPhone app. Low-cost Spanish airline Vueling, meanwhile, can claim bragging rights to having pioneered the wearable technology last month, in collaboration with the Sony Smartwatch 2.

Toshiba launches pocket-sized wireless hard drive

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However SSD technology is more expensive and that's why despite offering only 128GB of storage, the device costs $ 209.99 in the US where it launched Thursday. Still it can support up to eight devices from notebooks and desktops to cameras, tablets and …

Canada's latest tech IPO Lumenpulse roars out of gate in first trading day

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Founded in 2006, Montreal-based Lumenpulse is a LED lighting manufacturer that leans heavily on technology, with seven patents granted and more than 50 pending. The company's luminaires have been used to illuminate notable projects such as …

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