Basic science finds corporate refuge

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Basic science finds corporate refuge

The ranks of scientists like Joppa are growing, according to economists and observers of trends in science and technology. They suggest that a newer generation of technology-oriented companies — many sitting on mountains of cash after years of growth …

Science Events: Unusual Vision and DIY Neuroscience

Compounding Visions: The Art of Ryan and Trevor Oakes. Museum of Mathematics, 11 East 26th Street, Manhattan. Opens May 10 at 6:30 p.m. Talks on May 27 and June 17. $ 15. As children in the back seat, Trevor and Ryan Oakes noticed that when they …

Warning over 'privatisation' of environmental science research body

Long-term research in Britain on issues ranging from bees to tree disease could be threatened by plans to open up the environment department's science agency to private investment, MPs and unions say. Officials are expected to announce on Tuesday that …

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