Bonus gadgets: tech that's all wet

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Bonus gadgets: tech that's all wet

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KUSA – If you plan to be near water this summer, this edition of Gadgets features tech that doesn't mind getting wet. Innovation Insider Steve Greenberg showed us two examples on 9NEWS 7 a.m.. All Weather TV. Greenberg first showed a new LED TV from …

Gadgets to Help You Keep Your AC Use Under Control

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The Torreses spend a hefty $ 130 a month to keep cool but ABC News' “Real Money” team uncovered a new and free gadget from the local energy company that could help them start saving up to 25 percent on their bill this season. Related: More tips to save …

Allure of high-tech fishing gadgets

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Our world spins faster and faster each day, week and year, so it stands to reason the peaceful pastime we call fishing continues to twist in around us at a technological frenzy. There is no question most of us who fish in 2014 are practicing a sport …

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