Microsoft readies $199 Windows 8 laptop and $99 tablet to combat Chrome OS …

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Microsoft readies 9 Windows 8 laptop and tablet to combat Chrome OS

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It appears Microsoft has finally admitted to itself that the Google Chromebook laptops are a real threat that could damage the Windows business more than how it is already damaged due to Windows 8. In light of Google's onslaught on Microsoft's core …

Leaked 'Windows 9' Screenshot Shows New Start Menu

Windows news
We know that at some point in the future, Microsoft will bring the Start menu back to Windows. What we don't know is when, but some leaked screenshots of a future version of Windows might offer a clue. Screenshots allegedly showing the new Start menu …

Lenovo insists it's staying in Windows small-tablet market in US despite

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Company spokesperson Raymond Gorman had told PCWorld that Lenovo's Windows tablets with displays of less than 10 inches – in other words, the ThinkPad 8 and Miix 2 – would be diverted to markets outside the US because of waning interest among …

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