Online Shopping Gone Hilariously Wrong

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  • 5 years ago

Staggering into your home with a ton of shopping bags has indeed come to be a thing of the past when online shopping arrived. There are just so many things to love about it that it gets difficult to even think about going to the mall. Aside from the obvious convenience, you get more variety, fewer expenses, fewer crowds, and more time to compare prices on.

But, alas, every rose has its thorn. Well, we’ve come across some customers that gave their sellers the benefit of the doubt and came home to some TOTAL disappointments. Get ready to bust a gut because some of these stories are straight up hilarious!

Bejeweled Mess

That face just says it all! She probably realized in that very moment that she should really rethink trusting something in good faith only because it’s found on the internet. So close yet… So so very far!

When you’re dealing with articles of clothing as detailed as this dress, you might want to be sure you’re purchasing it from a reliable and competent seller!

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