The truth about Internet slang: It goes way back

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The truth about Internet slang: It goes way back

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“Of course, texting and Internet slang are just the most recent object of such hyperbolic metaphors, and while Humphrys' piece is an extreme example of this genre of opinion writing, his rhetoric is consistent with the battle cry of texting's many …

Lionsgate Suing Over Expendables 3 Internet Leak

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According to Lionsgate, it has learned on July 24 that a digital file containing a high-quality reproduction of the action film has been stolen and uploaded on the internet. Lionsgate claims all of the copies circulating online are said to be traceable …

What I Use (Home Swap): Home Internet Access

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But no matter how well I prepare, there's one thing I just can't do much about: The Internet access at the home we're swapping with. And more often than not, the low quality of that connection has conspired to make life difficult. There's an irony to …

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