Windows 8 Update: Microsoft urges Windows 8 upgrade for security's sake

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Windows 8 Update: Microsoft urges Windows 8 upgrade for security's sake

windows security
According to its latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, machines running Windows XP are six times more likely to become infected than machines running Windows 8, the report says. The raw numbers are that 9.1 Windows XP machines need to be …

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PCs left unprotected as ZoneAlarm, Comcast's Norton struggle with Windows 8.1

windows security
At least two security software suites are struggling with Windows 8.1, leaving users potentially unprotected as they upgrade to the new version of Microsoft's operating system. Microsoft made it clear that apps added during the Windows 8.1 preview …

How businesses can cope with the looming Windows XP deadline

windows security
If we assume that 1-2 percent of those machines upgrade or die each month for the next six months, that still leaves more than 100 million PCs still running Windows XP when security updates stop next April. Will you be one of them? And if so, why …

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